This library contains about 23000 volumes of English and Persian books,  90% of which are written in English. Since 1388, a collection of religious, phylosophical and historical books related to the students' research has been added to be used for the students' free discussion groups. Thousands of books are purchased each year directly from medical books' publishers and Tehran's international book exhibition. List of the book titles, CD Roms and E. books are also available in the library.
Document Delivery
This department was founded in Aban 1386 in the 3rd floor aiming at provision of the library's resources including books, periodicals, CD Roms and articles. It is now possible to order articles electronically from Iranian or foreign libraries. Please send your requests to the following address:
 In the case of need to add new titles of books and journals, please fill out the following form and send it to the above email address.
Request for provision of books:
Request for Provision of Journals:
The periodicals department is located in the 6th floor of the library. Due to the changes in the University's policies and focus on electronic purchase of periodicals since 2009, access to the current periodicals is possible through the electronic library of SUMS site. The personnel of this department provide consultation services as to the access to such sources. The journals section of the library is one of the greatest collections of printed periodicals in the universities of medical sciences in  Iran. The journals in the library can only be used through prints. To see the list of these journals , refer to the list of journals section in the library's site.
Following the arrangement and supports made by the faculty's vice dean for research, Dr. MR Sabri, in 1378, the library offers services as to the process of dissertations survey in order not to choose repeated titles and add the approved titles to the list.
To provide further services, the library inaugurated a project in 1387. In this project, all the theses written since 1980 will be scanned (The scanning is still running.) Now the theses are accessible through search by title, abstract, and list of references in the library.
Moreover, as supervised by the faculty's vice-dean for research, Dr Askarian, the process of checking the references and the format of dissertations is handled by expert librarians. A collection of 8000 dissertations are available in the library, 7th floor, which are all retrieveable through the library's softwares.
This section of the library was established in 1389 with 23 computers installed in the 7th floor . The services in this unit are available for all departments and schools in the university. Workshops on the electronic resources are held in this unit by expert librarians. Click on " workshops schedule" to see the list of workshops to be  held.
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