History of Medical School Library
Medical school's library was established in 1328 in the medical school. The first librarian working in this library was Juliet Khachtoorian. In 1359, the library was transferred to the present location and named as Martyre  Dr. Hossein Garakaninezhad library.
 The library is located in an area of 2600 m2 in 6 floors with 6 divisions. Study hall was built to be used by 100 students and expanded to another hall, offering services to 400 students. In 1389, with collaboration of the chancellor of the university, Dr. Imanieh, and admirable efforts of the library's personnel, the old shelves were replaced with new  archives. The personnel  in this library consist of 14 with master (MA),   bachelore degrees (BA) and …, playing a significant role in scientific promotion of the university by development of information technology.
Collection, maintenance and management of written and non- written sources aiming at implication in education and research, and contribution to retrieval of information in collaboration with research centers and libraries in other universities of medical sciences in the country.
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