About Shiraz Medical School


The Medical School was officially inaugurated on December 18, 1946, replacing the existing Behyar (Medical Auxiliary) Training school with the special efforts of Dr. Ghorban. Later, when Shiraz University came into being (1957), the School of Medicine became an integral part of the University. In June 1962, Pahlavi University was established incorporating Shiraz University and its faculty, including the School of Medicine. The University name was changed to Shiraz University after Islamic Revolution in 1979. In 1988 , the various schools and programs related to the field of medicine were segregated and their activity continued under the name of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, under the supervision of Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

A hallmark of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is that some parts of the instruction (references, medical recordings and some conferences) are in English Language. This unique feature has led to the familiarization of medical students with the medical literature of the world and has been an attraction for both students and faculty from other countries both in the past and the present. Another great asset of the medical school is its great number of full-time faculty which have served as pillars of support for the objectives of the Schools. This highly educated, interested and very motivated faculty is capable of leading Iran in medical education, research, and excellent patient care, therefore emerging as a cornerstone for a new tradition of medicine incorporating the glories of ancient Iran with modern medicine.
Medical School Objectives
  • Training GPs, specialists and subspecialists in various fields of clinical medicine for the promotion of health.
  • Cooperating in offering continuous education to the Province medical community through educational committees.
  • Training postgraduate students (Ms and PhD) to meet the treatment and health-requirements and also providing academic staff for the universities and research centers in the country. Conducting fundamental and applied research in basic and clinical sciences to fulfill health-treatment needs and extending the knowledge boundaries, and offering solution to the present questions and problems through educational committees, research centers, educational centers and interuniversity cooperation.
  • Offering health and treatment services to hospitals and affiliated health centers in order to create a proper atmosphere for students and trainees.
  • Cooperation in educating students of various fields at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and other colleges and universities in the country.
Objectives of Faculty of Medicine in Summary
  • Teaching medical sciences to students.
  • Conducting scientific research in different fields of medicine, health and treatment.
  • Coordinating education, research and treatment policies.
  • Holding scientific conferences through collaboration with related authorities.
  • Provision of required faculty members and supervising the proper implementation of educational, research and treatment affairs.
  • Offering postgraduate courses (MS & PhD) in Physiology & Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Immunology, Anatomy, Community Medicine.

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