Research capability


Physical medicine and rehabilitation ( PM&R) as a specialty faces exciting opportunities to contribute to the health and well-being of society ? as a specialty that concerns itself not with a specific organ system , but with human performance and function , the field has much to offer in the way of solutions to critical societal issues such as the aging of the population , the saving of individuals with formerly lethal conditions, and the increased societal recognition of the importance of quality of life . moreover , advance in other scientific arenas offer new and exciting tools that that may be applied to problems of human function .


 like all other medical specialties , advances in PM&R are dependent upon research . real challenges are faced by the field as it is a relatively small specialty , new in comparison to other disciplines, lacks a history  of major research involvement , and operates within a highly complex theoretical framework . moreover , because rehabilitation science concerns itself with analytic levels ranging from molecular to social , appropriate models for advanced research training differ from that have been successful in more narrowly defined scientific disciplines .


--Electro diagnostic studies (EMG/NCV) , somato –sensory (SSEP ) , brain stem (BEP) , auditory (AEP) or visual  evoked potentials ( VEP ) ,SSR , RST


--Musculoskeletal disorders

--Rehabilitation of persons with amputation , prosthetics and orthotics

--Quantitative Gait Analysis

-- Head Trauma Rehabilitation

-- Rehabilitation in neurological disorders

-- Rehabilitation in Rheumatologic disorders

-- Psychosocial aspects of rehabilitation

-- Sport Medicine

-- Adult stroke rehabilitation

-- Spinal cord injury rehabilitation

-- Geriatrics

-- Back School

-- Cardiac Rehabilitation

-- Rehabilitation in pulmonary disorders

-- Butox injection


D.R   Emad :

- efficacy of stretching Exercise after injection of methyl  prednisolone   acetate in the treatment of trigger points

- Efficacy of exercise training in increasing of hem dialysis  efficacy and plysical performance in hem dialysis patients   

- acupuncture effects on knee osteoarthritis pain .

- Incidence of peripheral Neuropathy in statin drug users 

-False positive electrodiagnotic tests in CTS

-Sympathetic sskin Response in thalassemia pts 

- Efficacy of botulinium toxin A on post herpetic neuralgia   

D.R jazayeri

- effects of lamotrigine  in peripheral nerve regeneration after nerve repair .

- assessment of sympathetic skin response (SSR) in visceral leishmaniosis

- association of cardiac rehabilitation with improvement in C-Reactive protein post myocardial infarction

- efficasy of dextrose proloterapy in knee osteoarthritis     



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