In the Name of God

Nuclear medicine involves the use of small amounts of radioactive materials (or tracers) to help diagnose and treat a variety of diseases. Nuclear medicine determines the cause of the medical problem based on the function of the organ, tissue or bone. This is how nuclear medicine differs from an x-ray, ultrasound or any other diagnostic test that determines the presence of disease based on structural appearance. Combination of different sciences such as Physics, Engineering, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Medicine is the interesting point of nuclear medicine.
At our department the prophecy of all the academic staffs is to offer the proper services for the patients along with teaching and research on new development of nuclear medicine. I would like to invite our colleagues from all over the world who are interested to participate in academic activities at our department and also we are prepared to take part in any form of exchange program with other nuclear medicine departments. Let us share our knowledge and experience.

Dr. Mahdi Haghighatafshar, MD
Chairman of Nuclear Medicine Department
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