Historical background of Neurosurgery in Shiraz

The history of neurosurgery dates back to 50 years ago, when the Canadian Professor K. Livingstone worked as a neurosurgeon in Shiraz in 1958. Late Dr. Nowrooz-zadeh and Dr. Sabet-Peyman took part in a one-year course as fellows of trauma, and then performed limited neurosurgical operations in the surgery ward in Nemazee hospital. More to mention are Dr. Khodadad, Dr. Noorizadeh and Dr. Shafi'ee. Under the vice-chancellorship of Dr. Kazem Abbassion in Shiraz University, a few medical students such as Dr. Bizhan Aarabi, Dr. Jafar Jafar, Dr. Rahimifar, Dr. Fazl and Dr. Maleki got involved in a one-year course in Neurosurgery after the end of their internship.

After the Islamic revolution in 1979 and the return of Dr. Bizhan Aarabi from United States, the resident training program was verified by the ministry of health and four residents (Dr. Alibai, Dr. Ebrahimi, Dr. Banani and Dr. Tayebi) started their residency under the supervision of Dr. Aarabi. The residency program was stopped for one year because Dr. Aarabi Traveled to U.S. , but was restarted in 1983, with the presence of Dr. Ebrahimi, Dr. Iraji and Dr. Taghipour, as the first generation of residents and finally as the first graduates of neurosurgery in Shiraz. Thirty-six neurosurgeons have been trained and graduated from this department till 2007, all of whom are now working in as many as different cities throughout Iran. The first graduate is Dr. Ebrahimi, who is now well-known as the first neurosurgeon of Rasht, Northern Iran.

Neurosurgery service by this department is now presented in two Nemazee and Martyr-Chamran Hospitals, both of which include 22 beds in 4 intensive care units, 46 beds in 2 adult neurosurgery wards, 8 beds in 1 pediatric neurosurgery wards, and 40 beds in emergency observation wards, as well as two well-equipped operating rooms for elective procedures in five subspecialties (tumors, spine, trauma, vascular and pediatric) and two emergency operating rooms.


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