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I am very thankful for your visiting to the website of the department of neurosurgery.

This academic group has been based upon over 50 years of experience of many neurosurgeons in Shiraz teaching hospitals. The history dates back to 1958 when both Iranian and foreigner neurosurgeons worked here in Shiraz. The turning point of these activities has been the return of "Dr. Bizhan Aarabi" in 1980, after the completion of his residency of Neurosurgery  in John's Hopkins University , United States. He founded the residency program in Nemazee Hospital in Shiraz University, with the glorious accompaniment of late "Dr. Nowrouz-zadeh", the very first neurosurgeon in Shiraz.

The start of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) and the large number of wounded victims led to the many scientific and surgical improvements for the residents and attending professors of this group, the results of which not only affected medical and educational services, but also resulted in the publication of many papers in authentic journals and textbooks, the last of which has been published by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons with the authorship of Professor Aarabi.

After approximately 30 years of resident-training, the group has been separated from the department of General Surgery into an independent "Department of Neurosurgery" in 2006. The group activities have been classified into five units of brain tumors, vascular surgery, spine, trauma and pediatric neurosurgery, served by 8 attending professors and 12 residents working in Nemazee and Martyr-Chamran Hospitals.

I invite you to go on visiting other pages of the websites, which gives you details of other aspects of our department. We will welcome your fruitful suggestions.


Dr. Ali Hagh-Negahdar


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