1-Out patient dermatology units:

The department has an active outpatient dermatology clinic in  Faghihi hospital and also another in Shahid Mothahari Medical Center managed by full time faculty members.

2-In-patent dermatology unit :

 The department  has one of the largest inpatient centers in  southern Iran. The unit is located in Faghihi hospital  and approximately 500-600 patients are admitted to the  hospital during a calender  year for treatment of severe skin diseases.

3-Cutaneous surgery unit

All skin biopsies, intra-lesional injections , and  cauterization are carried out in the biopsy room while the more specialized procedures such as grafts , flaps , and hair transplants are done in an operation room  with special facilities.


The special phototherapy equipments available in the department are offering both UVA and UVB  treatments to patients with intractable psoriasis ,vitiligo, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and  pruritus in both in  and  outpatient settings .

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