Till 1970 only one trainer was present in the medical university for teaching a two unit coarse of community medicine

In the year 1971 Department of community medicine. Was established by Dr Hoseinali Ronaghi, internist (Nephrologists ) a researcher working in villages.

In the years 1971-72 extension took place and health worker projects were launched.

1974: post graduation coarse was started.

1973-1977: Increase in the number of residents and establishment of post graduation coarse for epidemiology and statistics. Increase in the no. of units of the coarse of community medicine.

Establishment of Fasa medical university.

1979-1978: Head of department :Dr shahrukh Naderi ( Gynecology)

Increase in the number of teaching cadre.

1979-1981: Establishment of council.Dr Ali sadeghi Hasanabadi as head of the council.

1982-1985: Name changed to Department of health care sciences. Educational strategies set up for all medical colleges.

Post graduation and Residency programs were free zed.

Head of department:  Dr parveen sadeghi

1985-1987: Head of department : Dr Bahram zeighami

Post graduation coarse for statistics, epidemiology and nutrition coarse started again.

Residency coarse was restarted.

No .of units raised to 10.

Establishment of college of health care and hygiene.


1988-1997: Head of  department: Dr ali sadeghi Hasanabadi.

MPH coarse started.

Increase in the number of Residents  admitted spread of field work for students and Inter\ns.

1998-2001: Head of department: Dr Ali sadeghi Hasanabadi.

MPH and post graduation coarse were transferal to college of Health care and hygiene.

Guidance coarses for education and research.

Department of community medicine took charge of providing health care and hygiene to university students and workers

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