Immunology Department


Center for Excellence of Immunological Research




Immunology discipline was dominated as a new branch of basic school establishment. Almost all, scientific staff of what was known as Microbiology Department were indeed educated in immunology or holed as an academic degree recalled to. Therefore having the department in its earlier establishment were dealing with immunology of infectious disease and also a geographic malignancy known as EPSID. Leishmania and tuberculosis were also among the major focus of attention by department academic staffs. Although an independent Immunology Department was established in 1994, the first group of MSc immunology students entered to the Joint Immunology and Microbiology Department in 1992. One year later, the program for admission of PhD students in immunology as the first PhD program in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences was approved by national board of Immunology at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In 1995, department celebrated the admission of the first ever PhD students in Shiraz Medicals School. After 11 years, several MSc and PhD students have been graduated. Some of them have been recruited in the department and some of them were distributed in other Iranian Medical Schools or research institutes. By the grooving trends of immunology subject in Shiraz Medical School, in year 2000 our department was selected as the Center for Excellence of Immunological Research by the Ministry of Health. We are pleased to receive the financial support by the Ministry to establish new laboratories and introducing new technologies to the nation and immunology community.


Aims and Scope:

The aims of Immunology Department of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences:

1. To provide a center for research on basic and clinical immunology

2. To improve the immunological knowledge and skills of medical students as well as the postgraduate students.

3. To provide clinical immunology diagnostic tests through a hospital-based clinical setting.


The department facilities include: cell culture and molecular biology laboratories.

Clinical collaboration in the Medical School ensured an access to a large number of clinical specimens. The department is currently collaborating with several clinical departments in Shiraz Medical School.


Address: Immunology department,

                Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,

                Zand St., Shiraz, Iran.

P.O Box: 71345-1798

      Tel/Fax: +98 711 2334589





Post-graduate Activities:

The major concern of our department is to engage in teaching MSc and PhD students. A full time two-year MSc course was established in 1992. The first year is mainly focused on theoretical and laboratory aspects of Immunology. The second year is designed for research project. The PhD program is designed for 4 years. The first year is focused on advanced courses, seminars and tutorials. Research project is emphasized during the next years.


Calendar of Events:

1. MSc Student in Immunology: Admission every year with an average about 6 students. Program is started at October each year by 3 semesters of taught courses followed by 1 year research project.


2. PhD Student in Immunology: Admission once every two years with an average of 3 students. Program is started at January by 3 semesters of taught courses followed by 3 year research project.


Undergraduate Courses:

The staff of Immunology Department is also involved in teaching a number of undergraduate courses e.g. Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy students as well as Nursing and Midwifery students.



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