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Expression of a2,a5 and a6 subunit of integrins in decdifferentiuted  NIH3T3 cells by cell free Extract of Embryonic stem cell

Sarva Keihani ,89.6.14 (Sep 5),10-11 am

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Methylation of integrin a4 and E-cadherin genes in human prostate cancer

S.Kian-Pour ,89.5.31 (August 22) , 9:00-10:00 am


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The role of genetic and epigenetic changes of WNT signaling pathway in sporadic colorectal cancer incidence in Fars

M.Zamani, 89.5.7 (Jully 29) , 10:00 am


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Study of the expression level of UBE2Q1 andUBE2Q2 genes in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemi

F.Bozorg-Ghalati , 89.4.31(Jully 22) , 11:00 am


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Producing GST-p53 recombinant Protein and its polyclonal antibody for studying p53 interaction to estrogen receptor α promoter

Z.Khatuni , Khordad 5 (June 30 ),  8: 30 am

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