Curriculum of MRI complementary course for Radiologists



MRI complementary course is an educational course for eligible radiologists.

The ministry of health and medical education have authorized The Radiology department of ShirazMedicalUniversity to hold this course and the license has been issued.


 Approval requirements:

a) Iranian Radiology board certification

b) CT Scan complementary course certification issued by Ministry of health and medical education.


course duration:

For radiologists who have Radiology board certificate is 6 months and for radiologists with Radiology certificate is 9 months.


leave of absence:

In 6 months course is 15 days and in 9 months course is 20 days. Sick leave more than 15 days should be added to course duration.


 Educational schedule:

a) Attendance on MRI film reading sessions ( 8 am to 2 pm every day from Saturday to Wednesday)

b) Attendance on Morning MRI lectures.

C) Participation in education of radiology residents at MRI unit.

d) One MRI lecture presentation each month.

e) MRI film reporting under supervision of related attending, from fifth month.

 F) Provision of one research proposal at the end of the course.


 Educational contents:

a) MRI physics

b) MRI protocols

c) MRI related Anatomy: Neuroanatomy, head and Neck, Musculoskeletal, Abdomen and pelvis.

d) MRI pathologies: Brain, head and Neck, musculoskeletal, spines, soft tissue, Abdomen and pelvis.

 e) MRA and MRS

 f) Contrasts in MRI



a) Monthly Evaluation: The fellowship should be evaluated by related attending each month. The passing grade is 80 from 100

b) OSCE examination at the end of the course: The passing grade is 70 from 100.

-The Sum of monthly evaluation and OSCE examination should be 150 at least.

-If failed, two months course repetition and pay for 2 months extra fee.

-If failed in next examination (after two months repetition course), should repeat a complete course with new complete tuition.

-The duration of repetition course for radiologists, who have not Radiology board certificate, is 3 month. (with 3 months extra fee)


 Examination time:

Two times each years, at the last week of khordad and the last week of Azar.


 Tuition fee:

For Attending of Radiology department of ShirazMedicalUniversity is free and for other radiologists is 1/500/000 Rials per month. (The sum is 9/000/000 Rials for 6 months course and 13/500/000 Rials for 9 months course).


 Acceptance preference:

Attending of Shiraz medical university & the Attending from other Medical universities are in preference. For other Radiologists, is according to application date.


- All written Applications should be delivered to Radiology department with clear date.


- It is necessary to deliver Iranian radiology board certificate (or Radiology certificate) and CT  Scan complementary course certificate at the time of Application.


- The applicant is allowed to post pone the course with adequate reason only one time, other wise is omitted from the list.






 Acceptance capacity:

 The Number of Acceptance is one person at each MRI center.




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