Shiraz Neurosciences Research Center temporarily started working in Namazi Hospital by the primary approval of Vice-chancellor for Research Affairs and the President of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences on March 2007 and it unauthorizedly started its activity on September 2008 in Chamran Hospital. This center was approved on September 2009 by the Vice-chancellor for Researches and Technologies.


Doing research on basic and clinical neurosciences for knowledge production, improvement of treatment and diagnostic techniques and mostly enhancing the level of public health qualitatively.

Mission of Shiraz Neurosciences Research Center dependent to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences is as followings:
• Doing basic researches on the production of knowledge and its development on the grounds of neurosciences.
• Doing clinical researches for improving treatment and diagnostic techniques in internal diseases and neurosurgery.
• Educating potential researchers on the grounds of basic and clinical neurosciences.
• Encouraging cultural and academic society to do the research in neurosciences.


• Developing and using human being knowledge on the grounds of neurosciences.
• Educating researchers in neurosciences.
• Compilation, regulation and classification of related documents, articles and papers.
• Attempting to get the cooperation of other related research and administrative centers inside the country.
• Increasing research capabilities regionally and internationally.

• Serious follow-up for attracting potential and obvious talents on the grounds of neurosciences in the national, international and country academic milieus.
• Correlating with other national, international and the country research centers and networks for exchanging scientific data on neurosciences.
• Absorbing financial sources of the centers, besides University of Medical Sciences (such as industrial, medicinal and so on) for getting a proper support for neurosciences researches.
• Putting into operation the treatment and diagnostic services correlated with neurosciences diseases to get financial sources for neurosciences researches.
• Establishing Neurosciences Research Center for educating neurosciences researches.
• Publishing journals and books for cooperating on the extension, information science and knowledge production on the matters of basic and clinical neurosciences researches.
• Implementation of an appropriate situation for increasing and improving innovations and developing of present capacities on neurosciences by giving awards and scientific grants.
• Supporting and attracting national and international neurosciences scholars and researchers by a suitable award for increasing the invention and knowledge production on the matter of neurosciences.



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